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Lettering Arts Guild of Red Deer

ABC2020/21 Cancelled

Regretfully, the Lettering Arts Guild of Red Deer is forced to announce the cancellation of the ABC 2020 Calligraphy Conference.

The COVID19 Pandemic has caused many, many challenges for everyone, the ABC 2020 planning committee included. Financial obligations, travel restrictions, social gathering guidelines and venue challenges among others have led to this difficult decision. We simply cannot deliver the quality of conference you’ve come to expect.

The planning committee and LAG Red Deer Board of directors are extremely disappointed with this outcome. Over the past 9 months, many roadblocks, challenges to planning, changes and unknowns in the future have arisen and while we did our best to address them, it has come to a point where a decision had to be made to cancel our 2020/2021 conference.