Ben Shahn’s Letters with Carol DuBosch


Love & Joy About Ben Shahn’s Letters – Ben Shahn was a Lithuanian-born American artist.

He is best known for his works of social realism, his left-wing political views, and his series of lectures published as The Shape of Content. His artwork is showcased in the classic Love & Joy About Letters. Shahn used lettering throughout his artwork, in broadsides, posters and books. His lettering is quirky and lively, very much the product of a hand and not a machine. The script is easily learned, and can be adapted and customized as needed for various applications. Writing the Ben Shahn Script is an adventure in lettering as well as designing. The informal, fresh look of the  script is perfect for cards, envelopes, and flyers. The class will cover the 26 capital letters of Ben Shahn Script and colour blending with Watercolour using a Folded Pen. No experience needed for this 2-day class.

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Materials List

Folded Pen – I like the Horizon Brass Folded Pen from Paper & Ink Arts. This pen is available with a fancy handle or simply the nib. Other folded pens will work just fine, so please bring what you have.

Hunt 512 nib in a handle. I will have these for $2.

Ink – Higgins Eternal or Walnut

Layout bond paper that is compatible with your pens and inks. My favorite is Gilbert Bond from John Neal (11”x17” or 8.5”x11”)

½ sheet Arches 90# Cold Press Watercolor paper – okay to fold or cut this ½ sheet in half. (Other brands of 90# Cold Press Watercolor paper are also fine)

Watercolor paintbox – I like Prang 8 or 16 pan. (Be sure the mixing brush is in the box)

Pencil, cotton rag, water container

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Instructor Information

Carol DuBosch, a calligrapher in Portland, Oregon since she was introduced to nibs & ink in 1959 as high school art student. Carol teaches college-level and private classes in Portland and workshops throughout the U.S. and overseas. Carol directed three International Calligraphy Conferences in Portland, bringing more than 500 scribes together for a week of study & sharing. She is interested in every aspect of the field of calligraphy, from formal invitations to writing on walls, and is a life-long learner looking forward to the next new thing.