Calligraphy as a Spiritual Discipline with Holly Monroe


Joining God and Self, Word and Image with expressive calligraphy gives you the ability to deepen your personal spiritual growth as well as touch the lives of others…bringing encouragement and hope. Learn to practice your passion for calligraphy to create unique, life giving designs.

We will meditate on, and think through your selection of thought- provoking words, choosing the phrases that speak to you and learn to arrange them in a variety of impactful layouts. Interpret the text with imagery, decoration, flourishes, and multiple lettering styles changing the weight, height, and mood of the letters, first in pencil layouts and as time permits, finalize with watercolour, coloured pencil, simple collage or with other tools and materials you have with you.

Create a simple portfolio in which to carry your designs home or gift them to another,.

Whatever your faith or spiritual bent, you are welcome in this class as “we feed the soul by making meaningful words beautiful”

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About the Instructor

Holly V. Monroe is a third generation calligrapher with a deep appreciation for beautiful lettering and fine art. Tutored from childhood, by her mother in art and her father in calligraphy, she has since studied under some of the world’s finest calligraphy instructors. After graduating from Miami of Ohio, Holly opened her own studio in Cincinnati under the family name, Heirloom Artists.

Holly’s motivation is “to feed the soul by making meaningful words beautiful.” She captures Biblical and inspirational texts with flourishes, florals, illustrations and colourful hand lettering

Materials List


There will be a $5.00 – $10.00 supply fee.

Supply List:

Speedball Textbook (reference for lettering styles, I will have one handout with a few styles)

Pigma Micron Pens Pencil – HB lead Mars Staedtler eraser – or another favourite

Tracing Paper for sketching (or bond paper) –

Paper…My fav is Clearprint D’Arches HP or CP 90 or 140lb – cut 4 in manageable sizes 11×11

Watercolours – I prefer WN, but you may bring what you have. Pan or tube colours are fine. Bring at least 3+ colours and a metallic, plus Chinese white for mixing. OR Watercolour Pencils. Gouache is acceptable, but is harder to layer.

Brushes – I prefer WN Series #7, but you can bring similar small brushes (or synthetic) We will be working within an 11×11 size page, so designs will be on the smaller side, so judge your brushes accordingly.

Lettering Pens – I prefer Mitchell pens (all nib sizes) but bring the brand that you have.

Water Pot, Paint rag – for cleaning pens

Ruler for drawing lines

Saral Paper – flat sheets or roll, for transferring designs. Alternative: Portable light box for tracing – only if you have it already (optional)

Optional: Scraps of coloured and/or unique papers to use as collage in your designs.

Glue stick.

Gel Pens for a little bling.

A few favourite coloured pastels, etc. In other words, materials/tools that you would like to work with as we create.

Bring 3+ meaningful verses, quotes that speak to your heart and/or encourage others.

For Portfolio: 1 sheet black or off-white Canson paper, bone folder (we can share)

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