Cnut Psalter and Charter Hand with Gemma Black


Eadvius Basan, scribe of Christ Church, Canterbury between 1012-1023, was well known for being the major scribe of the Arundel Psalter BL Ms. 115. Also for his work on at least one Charter of King Cnut, Ms.1003 as well as a number of others major works.

We will analyze the Arundel Psalter hand using Edward Johnston’s “7 Points for Copying a Manuscript” along with some additional points and tools to determine the exact nature of its construction and execution. This will lead us to a very clear understanding of the hand and give us just a little insight to the scribe himself. With a sound historical basis this hand is a great starting point and springboard for variations. The Cnut Charter Hand makes a fascinating modern hand. Allow me to introduce you to this great scribe and enjoy a new hand to your repertoire of styles.

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About the Instructor

G E M M A  is an artist and calligraphic-designer. In 1991 she received a Winston Churchill Fellowship to study in Europe that allowed her to research, observe and learn the practice of calligraphy. She is an Honoured Fellow and Fellow of the prestigious Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society, UK. For over 25 years Gemma has taught extensively for calligraphy, bookbinding, art & craft organizations around Australia including the Australian National University.

She has in the past joined the faculty at international lettering-art conferences in Italy, Germany, the USA, Canada and the UK. Her work is housed in private and public collections including the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK, the European Parliament and Parliament House Canberra.Gemma enjoys a variety of art techniques that involve mostly calligraphy, simple book structures, decorative paper techniques, abstract watercolour painting and grounds for calligraphy. Gemma lives in Tasmania, Australia.



Materials List

Please bring all your usual calligraphy supplies and creature comforts. Make sure you include:

Pens: Set of square edged nibs. I HIGHLY recommend Brause nibs. Please prepare them beforehand to make sure they are in good working order. 

Paper: *Bond, cartridge or layout paper approx. A3

*2 x full sheets Fine Art papers in neutral colours (tan, cream, ivory, white, etc.) and include one black or charcoal.  Choose brands you like to work with.

*Tracing paper – a couple of A4 sheets

Ink: Non-waterproof black ink – ink stick and stone recommended.

Any gouache or water colours you already have (plus mixing supplies) plus some white ink or gouache: Dr Ph Martin’s Pen White HIGHLY recommended.

Plus throw in an eraser, ruler, lead pencils, 2 x small water jar, tissues or rag, notebook/visual diary, blu-tac and a compass (pair of compasses).

To print this list click on the link below: