Creative Design with Holly Monroe


In Creative Design and Clever You – Holly shares her creative design process in this workshop through a lively digital presentation. From collecting information and boundaries from the client on her Contract/ Information sheet, to exploring and narrowing down a multitude of options with the help of her Brain Drain sheets….that could be applied to your calligraphy design. Discuss the Elements and Principals of design. Through a series of unique and stimulating exercises Holly helps you focus in on your strengths while creating a number of clever pencil layouts. If time allows, we can take them to the final.
Packet of colourful and informative handouts.

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About the Instructor

Holly V. Monroe is a third generation calligrapher with a deep appreciation for beautiful lettering and fine art. Tutored from childhood, by her mother in art and her father in calligraphy, she has since studied under some of the world’s finest calligraphy instructors. After graduating from Miami of Ohio, Holly opened her own studio in Cincinnati under the family name, Heirloom Artists.

Holly’s motivation is “to feed the soul by making meaningful words beautiful.” She captures Biblical and inspirational texts with flourishes, florals, illustrations and colourful hand lettering

Materials List


There will be a $5.00 – $10.00 supply fee.

Pencil -HB lead, if you have it
Mars Staedtler eraser
Ruler – for drawing lines or use with ruling pen
Water pot (to rinse brushes)
Bond or tracing paper (for rough sketches)
D’Arches HP or Lanaquarelle or other paper on which you love to create finished pieces

You may cut it down in size for travel 10×10, 11×14 or similar size
Your favourite calligraphy pens (for instance: Mitchell sizes 1.5 2, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6)…. Ruling pen (Optional) for drawing lines OR lettering
Winsor Newton watercolour or Gouache (whatever you like to carry to workshops for colour),

A travel kit of colours or at least 3 colours and gold
A few small brushes to apply colour – WN Series 7 is my favourite (bring what you have)
4 favourite quotes verse or poem. Keep it to 2-3 sentences. Imagery in the words will help in this class. Other creative tools, paints, pastels, etc., that you are comfortable executing your artwork with.

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