Folded Pen Adventures with Carol DuBosch


This exciting adventure begins by making your own folded pens from thin brass and then moves to learning a very distinctive modern script.  The pens are simple to make and promote expressive writing from the first marks on the page.  Folded-pen script, though similar to pointed brush writing, is easier to learn and has a unique contemporary feel.  By custom-making your own pens, you’ll be able to fit the pen to your hand and also to the “look” of the letters you want to create. The folded pens are likely to become your favourite writing tool, as you develop a passion for expressive lettering.  Students will make a simple portfolio with practice papers from classroom exercises.

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Materials List

Gilbert Bond layout paper 11×17, plain without grids – available at John Neal Books

This is simply the BEST paper for calligraphy practice!!!

This size is essential for a project we will do in class (if you are using another type   of layout paper make sure it measures 11×17.)

Ink, non-waterproof (Higgins Eternal or Walnut)

Sharp Scissors (normal size)

Sharpie marker

Masking tape

Embossing Stylus

Hole Punch (standard round shape in very good working order)


Paper clips


Bone Folder

Ink rag

Bring any folded/ruling/pop can/cola pens you already have.

Supply fee $3 to cover the cost of the following materials I will bring to students:

Brass sheeting to make 4 folded pens

Dowels & Pencils to use as handles for the 4 folded pens

Heat-shrink tubing for constructing the 4 folded pens

Kraft paper to use as folded covers for the scrapbook each student will assemble

String to use for binding the scrapbook

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Instructor Information

Carol DuBosch, a calligrapher in Portland, Oregon since she was introduced to nibs & ink in 1959 as high school art student. Carol teaches college-level and private classes in Portland and workshops throughout the U.S. and overseas. Carol directed three International Calligraphy Conferences in Portland, bringing more than 500 scribes together for a week of study & sharing. She is interested in every aspect of the field of calligraphy, from formal invitations to writing on walls, and is a life-long learner looking forward to the next new thing.