Letters and Patterns with Laurie Doctor


In this class we will explore alternate and fragmented letterforms with wide pens, gouache, watercolour and ink.  There is a pleasure and discovery in making patterns and colour, whether you are a beginning or advanced student.  Students will document their work in a pattern book.

All levels of experience are welcome.  The class is a mix of guided exercises & open exploration in a contemplative atmosphere.  Space is reserved for students who can attend the full two days and leave their cell phones behind.

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About the Instructor







Calligrapher, painter and writer Laurie Doctor’s work unites language and image through contemplative practice. She has taught widely in Europe and the United States, and her paintings and calligraphy are found in collections including the Akademie der Künst (Berlin) and the Klingspor Museum. She writes a monthly blog called “A Silver Fraction” https://www.lauriedoctor.com/musings

Materials List

Lettering & Pattern

Materials list: (many of these things you will already have)

White china marker

a fine point permanent pen .3 – .5 : e.g. Copic, PILOT G-TEC-C3 or Micron or any brand you like.

sumi and/or walnut ink

Watercolor: (in tube) Daniel Smith, Windsor Newton (get professional, not student grade) or Graham are good brands. For this class, choose any 3 quality colors you want to work with. If you choose something in the yellow, red and blue families, you will have an infinite range of possibility.

Permanent white gouache


pencils (including HB, 3B, 4B, and a mechanical pencil with HB or 2B lead) white eraser pencil sharpener (no motors please)

Pen holder and Speedball C-0 and a wide metal pen about 1/2” or 5/8”

glue stick

12” or longer metal ruler

Choose some writing tools you like that you already have and want to try: (pens, pen nibs, carbon ink block, colored pencils, found objects)

1 or 2 pointed brushes for watercolor- in the range of sizes 0-4).

Cheap paintbox brushes for mixing plastic plate or palette (handy to have small deep containers for watercolor & ink)

1 wide brush (3 inches or more) — a cheap foam brush or house painting brush works

Containers for water and ink

1 sheet of Arches text wove 25 x 40 (you can split a sheet with someone else if you wish)

1 sheet of Arches Black Cover (you can split a sheet with someone else if you wish)

tracing paper: tablet of 8.5 x 11 (this can also be shared)

Embroidery or bookbinding needle, linen thread Rubber bands, paper clips

**Note on paper: Having the right paper is important. Arches text wove is often sold in 1/2 sheets (20 x 25) rather than the full sheet (25 x 40) Optional:

Cutting mat, exacto knife (I will have bookbinding supplies in class)

$7 payable to instructor at the time of class

to print this list click on the link below

letters and pattern supply list