Passionate Pointed Brush with Julie Wildman


The pointed brush is one of the most versatile tools in a calligrapher’s toolbox. From elegant flourishes to bold, chunky strokes, the pointed brush gives the scribe a myriad of options.We will start with a series of basic stroke exercises, analyzing how the brush works when both pressure and release are applied. We will also explore entrance and exit strokes in both traditional and more gestural brush lettering. Throughout the class, we will view and analyze many samples of beautiful, pointed brush lettering and then try to replicate how they were made. This exercise will help students become more familiar with the brush and give them the tools they need to continue on their own.Finally, students will work in small compositions, focusing on design and spacing issues, and learning how to change the way a letter is made in order to solve a problem.

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Materials List

  • There is $5.00 supply fee for this class
  • Favourite quotes, verses or phrases
  • 1 Pentel Pointed Brush (Black) and 1 Niji or Pentel Waterbrush Pointed (medium 12mm tip)
  • OPTIONAL: Nice pointed brush such as Winsor & Newton Series 7, Pointed Round Size 2. (NOTE: If this option is chosen, there is no need to bring the other two listed above.)
  • 2 tubes of gouache (1 colour and 1 white—optional: more colours)
  • Small amount of gum arabic (students can share one bottle)
  • Small bottle of sumi ink to work in black with the nice brush
  • 6 ­well mixing palette
  • Mixing brush
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Water container
  • Rag or roll paper towels
  • Approx. 50­100 sheets of 12” x 18” Pacon Sulphite drawing paper (pkg. of 500 sheets is $21.99 on and may be split 5 ways)
  • Any nice scraps you have in your studio. Some white papers and some black papers would be nice to try. Mix up the textures, too. Suggestions: Arches Text Wove; Canson Mi­Tientes Black, Ingres Black, or Arches Black Cover; watercolour paper cold press (rough); Nideggen
  • To print this list click on the link below.

About the Instructor

Julie Wildman is a highly regarded professional in the fields of graphic design, commercial lettering, calligraphy and workshops. Her studio is in northwest Indiana, only 30 minutes from downtown Chicago.

Her calligraphic interest began in the late ‘80s after a friend gave her Timothy Botts’ book “Doorposts,” and she saw the written word illustrated in such a way as never before. About ten years later, she had the privilege of taking a year-long class with an internationally known calligrapher and was hooked. She joined the Chicago Calligraphy Collective soon after and embarked on a lifelong journey of studying letters.

Since then, her work has been exhibited in juried shows throughout the Midwest and the U.S., including the Newberry Library in Chicago. In 2007 and 2014, her pieces “Psalm 117” and “An Alphabet Book,” respectively, won the Newberry’s Purchase Prize Award and became a part of the Library’s permanent collection. Her work has also been published in several issues of Letter Arts Review, as well as Bound and Lettered, a publication featuring the works of accomplished calligraphers and book artists.

She loves line, shape, colour, texture, paper, ink, and paint and often can’t believe she gets to play with them for a living! She enthusiastically shares her love of “beautiful writing” with young and old by teaching calligraphy for staff development classes, on-site promotional events, community programs and personal growth workshops throughout the Chicagoland area, U.S., and Canada.

For a complete curriculum vitae and to see more of her work, please visit her website at