Take Note with Cherryl Moote


There are few things more alluring to paper lovers than the sophisticated elegance of a charming notebook. Come and spend time making a variety of notebooks that will add to your repertoire of binding choices and give you fresh ideas for using your paper stash in creative ways. Included will be Two-sewn-as-one,  a Nag Hammadi variation, a Tongue and Groove Book, a Sidewinder and a Meishi Book. Clear instruction on proper methods of working will cover folding, cutting and stitching skills that are necessary for making successful books. Whether you are a veteran bookbinder or new to the delights of bookmaking this class will offer you a chance to create books with a wide appeal.

Suitable for all levels

10 in stock


Materials List


– self-healing cutting mat (small is fine)

– sharp craft knife or scalpel and extra blades (no box cutters!)

– scissors (regular and fine)

– metal ruler (12”-18”)

– Omnigrid© Quilter’s Ruler (6” x 12” preferred)

– mechanical pencil and white eraser

– bone folder and/or scoring tool

– fresh glue stick

– 15-20 sheets of 8.5” x 11” card stock

– collage and embellishment materials like oriental papers, small pieces of paste paper, old postage stamps, sheet music, calendar images, old atlas

Supply Fee of $40 to cover materials

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Instructor Information

Cherryl Moote is a calligrapher, bookbinder and paper artist. Cherryl was born with a natural teaching talent and loves to create print materials, videos and classes that allow you to learn new techniques with maximum enjoyment and success. The inspiration and guidance that she has received from her teachers and mentors have made her aware of the need to support other artists and craftspeople as they explore the paper arts. In additon to writing and teaching, she is actively involved in creating her own art. You can see examples of her work at www.mootepoints.com.