XXL Letters in Big Size with Brush with Massimo Polello


We are used to think of Calligraphy as a study on table, in a flat position,  more or less on a large sheet but always written in a horizontal position.

But writing, since the Romans and even before them, was often practiced in a vertical position on the walls or tombstones (just think of the walls of Pompeii) even in considerable dimensions.

In this two-day intensive course, after learning the basic techniques of writing with a flat brush, we will try to develop and transmit the knowledge of the use of the flat brush and brushstrokes to then be able to work in large and very large dimension, obviously using various measures up to the extra-large of flat brushes but especially on vertical supports (paper and fabric) on the wall.

The writing styles will be predominantly studied will be a brush version of Italic in patterns and texture, Capitals Rustic letters, Gothic… so then be able to create fantastic compositions and to perform elegant mural calligraphy or on fabrics. We will finish the session working on fabric too. A basic experience of some historical hand are requested, but not mandatory.

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About the Instructor

Based in Turin, Italy, Massimo Polello has worked as a calligrapher artist for over fifteen years. Since studying calligraphy, he has explored its classical and contemporary applications and potentiality in art and graphic design. These include designing packaging and signage logos for companies, museums and individuals, as well as applying his designs to walls and for interiors design.

He sums up his approach to calligraphy best, “…letters become a means to exist outside myself… going beyond the letters, captured by a sole need to see. They become signs, images, evocations, urgent needs, emotions.”

He has exhibited, led workshops internationally: USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Pakistan, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, England,… and he worked on several short films, and is a contributor to Graphicus, TipoItalia and Letters Arts Review magazines.

Materials List

Big Brush Supply list

– a flat brush n°16 (only 7 euro here) look here or similar quality and dimension (16 millimeters)

– big flat brush 75 mm look here

– gouache extra fine only (suggested Talens) white/black and colors at your choice

a flat ceramic or glass palette enough for the 75 mm brush

PAPER- kraft brown wrapping  paper in roll at least 50 m by 1 M,

– 5/10 Canson Mi-Teinte (or similar) black colour

– 8/10 Canson Mi-Teinte (or similar) light colours
– pieces of textile: old bed linen or  old t-shirts… something on cotton fabric to write  with brush